The Center of Architecture Science and Ecology

In recent years, composite materials have caught the attention of designers and scientists alike as a paradigmatic counter-example to industrial production of assemblies for the built environment. In an age where efficiency in the use of materials, economy of production and the reduction of CO2 emissions have become common place discussions among practitioners of architecture, composites seem to promise a viable alternative.

Central Saint Martins

Pushing at discipline boundaries of concepts and production these deep-researched and highly refined artefacts, exemplify how MA Design CFJ graduates lead the conversation in materialising innovative ideas of luxury and tangible experiential products.

Central Saint Martins + Instituto Campana
Design Transforms Workshop

Instituto Campana + Central Saint Martins, UAL + WantedDesign + Industry City

Uniting Brazil’s most revered design duo with London’s most famous arts university with New York’s best design fair in a shared mission for civic engagement with Industry City and Sunset Park residents.

centro x wanteddesign
Design Under Pressure

International project created by CENTRO and WantedDesign that took place on September 26th-30th 2018, with the participation of 31 students from 10 different international and mexican universities. The premise was that cities should have an Emergency Design Force that makes use of the abilities of creative professionals, as experts and citizens, in crisis situation.

College For Creative Studies, Detroit

College for Creative Studies Designers from Product Design and Entertainment Arts collaborated in teams designing products and experiences for the year 2030 which embodied the essence of GM’s brands. Each team designed the same three typologies of products (seating, table and lighting) using short films to tie the product together in a unified brand experience.


After a first participation in 2018, the École des Arts Décoratifs, Paris returns to innovative hub WantedDesign Brooklyn with a presentation of six young graduate or postgraduate students whose works are based on global ecology as a horizon: material, sensory, economic and educational.

Ensci Les Ateliers + ALESSI
Expériences Sensibles

A major italian design brand, a famous national french school of design. 20 student projects, 2 different themes approached. Connected objects for the ones, synesthetics for the others. It is all about uses, forms and sensoriality in the world of Alessi.

Design for productivity

Design for productivity is the third edition of a collaborative initiative between Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera and Universidad Don Bosco, El Salvador. It ́s main objective is to promote the collaboration between Higher Education Design Institutions and give their students the opportunity to work in multi disciplinary teams to solve real problems within the salvadoran context.

Haliburton School of Art + Design
Meditations on Material Culture

Curated by Barr Gilmore, Professor of Integrated Design.

Ever since the paradigm shift that was the Industrial Revolution, Homo sapiens have been struggling to reconnect with Mother Nature. Whether we are questioning our relationship to consumption and material waste or our connection to other beings and far-off galaxies, the struggle is (psychologically) real.


The American Hardwood Information Center and Pratt Institute’s Industrial Design department collaborated on a semester-long course, “Special Project: Red Oak Reimagined.” Set up as a design competition entitled “The Sovereign Wood,” the course focused on working with Red Oak as a sustainable material for the 21st century. The competition sought the innovative use of Red Oak in domestic furniture, containers, and objects of daily use with a focus on designs with a small footprint for compact urban apartments.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Whatnot 2019 Collection:
Obsolete Object

The objects that surround us provide unique insight into the world in which we live. An object’s relevance can be linked to the social, cultural, and economic context in which it was imagined, produced, and used. The 17th century monteith bowl which was used to chill drinking glasses and the nearly extinct public pay phone are just two examples of objects that have become irrelevant through complex advances.

Shelter Fallout
by Iskander Guetta

The exhibition Shelter Fallout revolves around the project by Swiss designer Iskander Guetta Abri+ (Shelter+), which he created in 2018 as his master’s thesis in Industrial Design at ECAL, the Lausanne University of Art and Design in Switzerland. Abri+ responds to the need for privacy and human dignity in the often challenging and crammed living conditions in shelters hosting migrants, asylum seekers, and homeless people.


Tec de Monterrey
Un Banquito Más

Tec de Monterrey presents 3 projects from students of the Monterrey and Mexico City Campus.

The Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź

Nowadays, when we have no illusions about the ecological, cultural and social condition of our world, responsible design is extremely important. Our exhibition talks about design in the context of changes at the local level. We want to pay attention to problems related to environmental protection as well as social changes.


The student projects of the Design Studio course are framed through critical issues, connected to the ongoing industry partnerships, and take into consideration personal interests of the individual student. The primary goal of this course is to increasingly strengthen the student’s ability to engage and advance critical issues through demonstrating and testing design concepts that can lead to products, systems and/or services.

Tongji University
College of Design and Innovation

College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University, will represent a group of outstanding works, to show that contemporary jewelry and fashion can be spectacular, radical, critical, conceptual, and act as a catalyst for collectively redefining our relationship within communities to reality, offers a specific view of design, art and innovation.

University of Oregon Product Design
Prison Blues

Students from the University of Oregon’s Product Design program designed new branding and garments for Prison Blues, a line of workwear sewn by a job training program for incarcerated men in Pendleton, Oregon.


An usual and surprising Cappellini installation.


Eighteen designers, artists and makers explore and reimagine the ubiquitous, yet overlooked doorknob. The work in the exhibition ranges from the speculative to the performative to the practical, reflecting the diverse, multi-disciplinary perspectives of the cohort. Unlike most exhibitions, attendees are encouraged to touch and interact with the work on display.

Game ChangHer – Oui Design

Eyes on Talents combines its prescriptive vision on creative talents to present Game ChangHer NYC. A poetic and sensitive exhibition, highlighting the creations signed by key women-designers, all selected between France and the United States. Without opposing male and female talents, Game ChangHer NYC will celebrate the universality of design, seen here by the prism of the feminine.

IC Locals: TIMBER!

Curated by Hannah Martin, senior design writer at Architectural Digest

In IC Locals, Hannah Martin will exhibit pieces of collectible art and design that are made in or about wood. Many of the featured studios work frequently with the material and include Matthias Pliessnig, Egg Collective, Stephen Talasnik, Jason Miller and Juniper.

Murano x Brooklyn

Bringing together international talents in design and glassblowing, Marc Thorpe and Luca Nichetto, Murano X Brooklyn celebrates glassmaking, experimentation and highlights collaboration in the creative process. The pieces shown at WantedDesign will be made live at Urban Glass by KEEP Brooklyn on May 13th.

SABER HACER, craft from Argentina

Curated by Luján Cambariere, Journalist and curator.

Design can be marked as frivolous. However, in the south of the world, the lack of major industries or technologies can be transformed into a big tool of social inclusion, retrieving techniques and materials. And with them: knowledge, stories, colors and landscapes, which enable more sensitive and committed dialogues. More empathy.

Smarin bounce station – OUI Design

The Bounce Station is a choreographed exhibition which invites visitors to explore and perform new ways of sitting. Smarin’s researches subscribe to Microsociology of Erving Goffman which is one of the main levels of analysis of sociology, concerning the nature of everyday social interactions and body responses between humans.

Transatlantic Creative Exchange – OUI Design

Transatlantic Creative Exchange was initiated in 2016 by WantedDesign and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy to share the French creativity and savoir-faire with the US and strengthen creative ties in the various fields of design. 2019 year marks the 3rd edition of Transatlantic Creative Exchange and feature the following duos:

• CIAV Meisenthal (France) + Elyse Graham (US)
• Corning Museum of Glass, Glass Lab (US) + Philippe Nigro (France)
• Neal Feay (US) + Guillaume Delvigne (France)
• Procédés Chénel (France) + Rodolfo Agrella (US)