IC LOCALS: TIMBER! curated by Hannah Martin

Here in Industry City, a network of 16 former factory buildings in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, an eclectic community of woodworkers has built a stronghold. Some are seasoned carpenters, cabinetmakers, and woodturners who have honed their craft for decades. Others are experimental designers and artists, finding creative ways to reinterpret the timeless material. In a few shared Industry City woodshops, a handful of them even work side by side.

In TIMBER!, Hannah Martin brings this community into the spotlight, exhibiting a range of wood and wood-like pieces of collectible art and design, all made in Industry City.

Many of the exhibitors work frequently with the material. There’s Matthias Pliessnig, who uses white-hot steam to mold long strips of wood into wild organic forms; Egg Collective, a trio of designers who bring their backgrounds in art, architecture, and woodworking, to a line of elegant furnishings; and Stephen Talasnik, whose mesmerizing works turn birch wood into otherworldly sculptures. Several of the artists and designers featured in the exhibition explore the idea of wood more abstractly—summoning its qualities in other materials—or use it for the first time in collaboration with another Industry City tenant.

These works in wood showcase the many faces of Industry City—the fabricators and manufacturers that carry on the torch of the complex’s industrial past as well as the diverse group of artists, designers, and craftspeople that have more recently moved in. Each piece is a product of this unique environment—a creative ecosystem that must be appreciated and preserved.

Featuring Lindsey Adelman, ATH Studios / Andrew Hunt, BELLBOY, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Alan Dorsey, Egg Collective, Sebastian Errazuriz, Flavor Paper, David Gaynor Design, Ishka Designs, Jason Miller, Juniper, Billy Ray Morgan, Cambium Studio, Matthias Pliessnig, Stephen Talasnik, Ian Love Design.

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IC LOCALS: TIMBER! is curated by Hannah Martin, senior design writer at Architectural Digest, and supported by Industry City.



Images from top: Egg Collective in their studio at IC, Mathias Pliessnig work detail.