Game ChangHer

In partnership with WantedDesign, Eyes on Talents combines its prescriptive vision on creative talents to present Game ChangHer NYC. A poetic and sensitive exhibition, highlighting the creations signed by key women-designers, all selected between France and the United States.

Without opposing male and female talents, Game ChangHer NYC will celebrate the universality of design, seen here by the prism of the feminine. Aimed by the intrinsic mission of disclosure and springboard shared by WantedDesign and Eyes on TalentsGame ChangHer NYC will allow the guest designers to show their selected pieces in a singular but panoramic dialogue, thought as an echo of the imperial need of our time: “Be a Game ChangHer! The world has enough followers!.

Following-up on Game ChangHer Paris curated by Eyes on Talentsin 2017, Game ChangHer NYC will present the work of Lani Adeoye, Nina Cho, Pauline Deltour, Claire Lavabre, Inès Le Bihan, Nao Tamura, Marie Victoire Winckler.