For its 7th anniversary, WantedDesign continues to offer new ways to discover and experience products. Wanted Interiors, which lands somewhere between a product showcase and a beautiful entertainment space, is presented by Sony Life Space UX, in partnership with Alpi, as well as Ligne Roset, Alcantara and Fontana Arte. Concept and design by interior design students working with Professor John Otis, Pratt Institute School of Design, in collaboration with Barry Richards, Principal, Rockwell Group.

“What is a creative life style? Who leads a creative life? Wanted Interior’s “The Creative Life Space” celebrates Creatives across the five boroughs as they share their story, their tools and give a face and voice to unique conventions. Wanted Interiors creates an environment that highlights collaborative living milieus – spaces that bridge work and home. Be inspired as technology, furnishings and fabrics evoke and inspire the Creative Life Space.”


Glass Sound Speaker – Sony Life Space UX

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