Transatlantic Creative Exchange

Transatlantic Creative Exchange was initiated in 2016 by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy to share the French creativity and savoir-faire with the US and strengthen creative ties in the various fields of design. The five participating French-American duos are selected based on overlapping interests, geographic diversity and desire to engage in creative collaboration.

Visual Magnetics x Fort Makers

Keep an eye out for more information about a collaboration between Visual Magnetics, a longtime supporter of WantedDesign, and Brooklyn-based Fort Makers. For the second year in a row, Visual Magnetics, the innovative materials company, will present an interactive and highly visual installation using their magnetic surface design for walls.

Art by Friends x Opinel

Founded in 2008 in Annecy, France as an art collective, Art by Friends specializes in the organization of cultural events, artist promotion and curation of travelling exhibitions such as the Opinel Series which will be presented during WantedDesign by 45 artists, 10 of which will be from New York.


Co-founded by designers Marie Douel and Amandine David in 2013, Hors Pistes initiates creative encounters, enabling young designers to discover foreign traditional techniques, and artisans to diversify the field of application of their know-how. Hors-Pistes is supported by The Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Swissnex and the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York.

Diplorama#3 by ENSCI les ateliers

The third edition of DIPLORAMA, featuring graduated students thesis projects from Paris based ENSCI Les ateliers, is inspired this year by the world of Performing art and Theater. A space divided in 4 areas to express the 4 chapters of a visual and story telling design exploration.

Mos(KIT)o by ENSCI les ateliers

As part of the research theme “Design and biology”, carried at ENSCI by Guillian Graves, three student designers have joined students in biology, physics, chemistry and law to form the multidisciplinary team of the Paris Pasteur Institute and develop a project of international significance.


Shipped across the country in Bankers boxes, this annual traveling exhibition presents a dozen distinct national and international showcases each year. Working with local correspondents, each box houses a collection of thoughtfully designed objects, reflecting the particular resources and makers of that area.


URBAN HIVE is an environment art and eco-design phenomenon of social transformation. Outline the artistic, social and political development; express a commitment to the definition of a more aware and democratic society, where the ecological aspects are of primary importance. Participatory practices enable to effect social changes through active citizen engagement.


Central Saint Martins Product, Ceramic & Industrial Design

From Chaos to Epiphany 

An exhibition featuring alumni from the Product, Ceramic, Industrial Design Programme at Central Saint Martins, London. We are a cluster of practices bringing ideas to life through curiosity, making, community, and transformation.

Designing a Better World

The University of Oregon’s Department of Product Design has included sports products in the curriculum since the program started in 2008, winning its first national student design award for the Oregon Manifest bicycle design and prototype competition. Last year, a new master’s degree program in Sports Product Design was launched—the only one of its kind in the US to further push boundaries in the field of sport.

Medellín Design Week

The organizers of  Medellín Design Week  will present MAY DAY EXHIBITION, the first exhibition of this type in the U.S. featuring works of Colombian designers.

Industry City Tenants Gallery

Industry City tenants are integral components IC ecosystem. During WantedDesign Brooklyn, the public gets to see a sample of the best design made at IC.

AIGA Design For Democracy

Now, more than ever since the U.S. presidential election, designers are eager to turn their ideals into local, tangible actions that can make a difference. They seek opportunities to leverage their skills to collectively support the democratic process, create meaningful social impact and increase civic engagement. AIGA makes designers better citizens.


Ecovative is a leading biomaterials company growing a new material science with high-performing, premium, award-winning products that are grown using Mushroom® Materials—a special mixture of non-food agriculture waste and mushroom mycelium—that are healthy, environmentally friendly, and certified sustainable. Look for Ecovative’s newest mycelium-based collaboration project for interior goods launching at this year’s WantedDesign Brooklyn.

abc carpet & home

abc carpet & home is rooted by a mission to use beauty and commerce as a tool for positive change.  our world becomes filled with more noise, pollution, technology each day and the need for connection calls louder. our connection to the earth is where we find a deepened connection to each other. we are dedicated to serving our community both locally and globally, our new location opening in Industry City this summer is the next iteration of engaging with our local, brooklyn community. join us for surprise, enchantment, and outreach during WantedDesign.

Kelly Harris Smith

Kelly Harris Smith, an independent Designer and Creative Director, presents “Dreamcatchers,” an installation to promote environmental re-use. Playful and interactive, Smith’s concept utilizes post-production remnant material from Submaterial, a partner manufacturer of FilzFelt, a company Smith co-founded. Smith is also the textile mentor for Wanted Design Schools Workshop.

Design Schools Gallery

At WantedDesign Brooklyn, the Design Schools Gallery will display the unique design programs offered at ten of the world’s best design schools. It’s the perfect destination for prospective students and professionals looking to explore new talents and potential partnerships.

SVA Products of Design

Correlation. Causation. Coincidence. In Coincident Times, the graduate students of the MFA in Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts explore speculative pasts and futures to produce fifteen product proposals for the present day—each a 3-dimensional manifestation of their year-long thesis, and each attempting to reconcile their points of view with their imagined, preferred states.

SVA Design Research

The 2017 MA class of the Design Research, Writing & Criticism program at the School of Visual Arts present Sightlines. An installation and multi-media publication, Sightlines collects and communicates different points of view on design and celebrates the revelations and debate generated when those views intersect, clash, or are simply juxtaposed. As part of the project, live interviews will be conducted and broadcast during Wanted Design.


Design&Flow wants to empower people to become agents of change. Use one of their temporary tattoos to identify the different ways in which people embody that change.The motherboard-style outline of the tattoo creates a “human chip” that identifies you as an agent of change and emphasizes how technology augments humanity as a positive force.

S9 Architects and Innovation Alley

S9 believes each design solution is informed by programmatic, physical, environmental, economic and contextual forces, rejecting pre-conceived ideas and stylistic preoccupations. Inspired by the industrial history and materials of Industry City, Innovation Alley was conceived of and designed by S9 Architecture as a tangible symbol that visually and physically connects the work and public spaces of eight buildings, five streets, and four courtyards. A series of steel beam “wickets” and floating halo lights form a continuous armature that pierces the positive and negative spaces created by the buildings, courtyards and streets. At almost 1000 feet long, Innovation Alley almost instantly became the spine and collaborative meeting place in this burgeoning bed of 21st century innovation economy.