Mexican Pavilion

The Mexican Pavilion at WantedDesign Manhattan, presents a unique selection of Mexican design studios. Drawing from their rich culture and tradition, these designers and manufacturers embody the future of contemporary Mexican design and offer visitors a glimpse into the innovative world of craftsmanship to be discovered in Mexico. The Pavilion is presented by the Mexican trade office ProMexico, promoting and facilitating business exchanges and development of Mexican companies in the U.S.
More designers to be announced soon.




DUCO es un laboratorio de diseño multidisciplinario fundado en 2008 en la Ciudad de México. Fue concebido como un espacio abierto al desarrollo, planeación y producción de productos innovadores, dedicado a resolver y materializar proyectos creativos. Nuestro equipo integra diseño, ingeniería, tecnología y fabricación con manufactura mexicana, por lo que somos competentes en el uso de diferentes materiales y procesos tanto industriales como artesanales.

Creemos en el diseño como catalizador de cambio y sentimos responsabilidad hacia nuestro entorno social, por lo que hemos trabajado en varios proyectos que contribuyen a la transformación de nuestro contexto cultural.



In 2013 we started LEFT with a single aim; to create furniture and products we would want to live with. We set our sights on what we would want to surround ourselves with. We believe perfection is found in every detail, from the materials we choose to the way we produce our products, everything is planned to be a unique experience that reflects the spirit of our design company. Our work celebrates simplicity of form, the purity of a good shape, and our emotional connection with the materials around us. We live in a world full of common objects that come and go, a world of disposable objects. Our vision is to change this expectation by creating objects in limited editions, a collection of unique items designed to be more than an object, transcending the barriers between art and design.
We believe in design as an experience, iconic pieces that endure, inspire, and aspire to be used and appreciated from generation to generation. We refine our designs until we know we have arrived at our idea of perfection, we seek to leave them with a touch of uniqueness. The manner in which the pieces are produced is as important to us as the designs themselves and we manufacture with a serious commitment to quality, attention to detail, and finish. Our furniture and objects work in both domestic and contract environments, and while we had a very personal vision of how our pieces might live, we delight in the fact that our clients engage with them differently to create very personal and particular spaces. We don’t seek to create a hard, dominating look; we are not driven by ego. Rather we hope our clients will use our pieces to create environments that invite and embrace, and contribute to a sense of harmony, interest and resonance. Left is the collaboration between talented designers, expert craftsmen and professional workshops to create one of kind objects and is run from our studio in Mexico City.

Natural Urbano

florero break

Originalmente, Natural Urbano fue creado por Sebastián Beltrán, artista plástico, como un proyecto de objetos utilitarios y piezas de arte-objeto. La creación de la marca se da como resultado de su afinidad por las formas útiles, repartiendo su tiempo entre el diseño industrial y el arte.
Natural Urbano, tiene una amplia colección de objetos que se integran a la vida cotidiana del usuario, replanteando el fuerte arraigo artesanal con el que cuenta el estado. El uso de materiales tradicionales deja clara la intención del estudio, para integrar esos procesos a sus planteamientos de diseño contemporáneo. Las funciones principales del estudio es el diseño y fabricación de objetos utilitarios, luminarias y mobiliario.

Nomade Atelier


NOMADE ATELIER is an exclusive design and production studio , made by a team of artisans, architects and visual artists, created in Mexico in 2012. This project is for us a great learning lab and testing of materials and concepts. We are a company dedicated to design ideas take shape with making objects and custom furniture for residential, public and commercial spaces, as well as artistic, stage and museum installations. Our work together is to define the purpose of our intervention, personnel and dynamically generate critical dialogue analyzing the space, which will clarify the goals of the project and its possibilities.


SHIFT studio

We are a young design studio based in Monterrey, Mexico, founded in early 2013. We operate under the belief that “design can change the world”, a premise we do not take lightly as we seek to integrate design in all aspects of life.
Our purpose isn’t only to create innovative and deeply conceptual user centered solutions but also positively influence our communities through high impact design artifacts. This conviction radiates from design’s power to ignite social and economic activity, specifically in Latin America. We see design as a tool for progress where every project’s social, economic and environmental implications are considered in the design process. As a result, our product initiatives materialize in exquisite furniture and industrial design items that embody great cultural and aesthetic value while our project portfolio reflects our passion for powerful and solid brand solutions.


Chamak Side Table_ITZ (700x350)

We are ITZ, a design studio and a firm of master carpenters located in the heart of the Mayan tropical forest in Bacalar, southeast Mexico, place that is notable for its extraordinary Seven-Colored Lagoon.   We specialize in producing high quality furniture from many different native species of tropical hardwood. We work on making furniture that will last a lifetime. These are very special pieces with personality, handmade with passion and care, with meticulous attention to the detail. Our team is led by the designer Ania Wołowska whose projects are brought to life by talented local master carpenters, heirs to an ancient tradition of wood crafting.
ITZ combines modern design with a commitment to environmental sustainability. We work with certificated wood from local communities that have accredited reforestation programs and some of them are certificated by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
We named our company after the word “itz” in Maya, which means the resin of a tree, but it also refers to the sacred essence of all things. At ITZ our essence is the passion and integrity with which we create our furniture.