So French Design by BUSINESS FRANCE

So French Design by Business France is the story of France today: solid fundamentals enhanced by an outstanding ability to innovate and a constant push to break new ground. Equal parts playful and serious-minded, France bucks convention while reaching for the top. France has appeal… and creativity!

For the first time on WantedDesign, Business France is proudly featuring French design at its best!

Organized by Business France, a national government agency that supports the international development of the French economy by promoting the country’s appeal, companies and regions.
Special thanks to Mrs Pascale Azar from Azar Durand Behar Architects



Ardamez is the French manufacturer of the original Parisian bistro table : enamel top, strapped with brass, stainless steel or copper, mounted on a cast iron base. Ardamez furniture is part of the French heritage and the soul of Parisian Cafés.


Billards Chevillote

Since 1860, CHEVILLOTTE manufactures luxury pool tables for high-end projects everywhere in the World. Their style vary from vintage, classic, modern, design and bespoke. CHEVILLOTTE works with A-list Interior Designers such as SELLDORF, Jean-Louis DENIOT, STARCK, Ian SCHRAGER, and so many others.


Eric Wilmot

Eric Wilmot, a furniture-designer-maker, invents and produces furniture of timeless design, by-passing fashion but never functionality. Solid wood is his material, presented in its natural form to create furniture that is as beautiful as it is original.



Guéridon is well known for its eclectic collection of rare furniture, lighting and home furnishings from many of the most important European designers of the mid-twentieth century. The collection includes original pieces by Paulin, Guariche, Matégot, Parisi, Borsani, Perriand and Chapo.
After opening in 1996 in NY, Guéridon was quickly established as the resource for the work of French ceramic artist Roger Capron. The Capron collection includes rare vintage tile tables, molded ceramic pieces and sculpture as well as custom designs made with their stock of vintage tiles and sanctioned by his estate.
In 2002, Guéridon introduced authentic Serge Mouille Re-Edition Lighting to the U.S. market and remains the definitive source of these iconic examples of French Modernist design.



Our goal is to design and edit simple, affordable, fun, decorative and educational sustainable products, made for children and adults alike. We associate solar tech, a timeless design and an easily customizable paper structure : these little objects allow experimentation with solar energy and sustainability (low carbon- green power- recyclable- involving people with special needs). Recipient of the Maison et Objet Kid’s World « les découvertes » Award (Casagami – 2014 ). Our main clients : Museum Stores (Moma, Tate, Cité du Design, etc.) Bookstores (Artazart, Mollat) and Concept stores. Litogami is a company based in Suresnes – Paris, France.

image litogami wanted

Myriam Maxo

MyriaMMaxo’s work is striking and unexpected. Her hybrid creations bring functionality and art together. They transcend frontiers and invite us to think… The DD (pictured) is one of MyriaMMaxo’s renowned masterpieces. The meaning of this object is one of her leitmotiv : transcend boundaries.


Octavio Amado

Octavio Amado is contemporary lighting design brand which produces in series for distribution and creates custom designs for projects. The key words for designs are structure, assembly, lightness, translucence and geometry. With these different factors they adapt their designs to different architectural needs. This vocabulary presents itself as much in their small pieces than in their monumental installations. It is seen in all their different models: the floor lamps, the suspensions, the mobiles, the wall and ceiling claddings, or in form of luminous panels. The esthetic components are reinforced by the input of technical light like the LED and eco-friendly conception. Another leitmotiv for them is the modular feature that most of their designs integrate.



Innovation in marble works, mixing technology and know how ; this is their daily challenge. Modern lines and perfection in the details, their collection is designed and manufactured in their work shop, in French Basque Country for more than 70 years. These many and varied techniques, which combine marble with composite materials, include: complex bonding, digitally-controlled milling, aluminium honeycomb core assembly, and glass fibre or carbon combinations. They are able to give free rein to their imagination and use stone in original and tailor-made creations.


Sarah Lavoine

Maison Sarah Lavoine is a global luxury lifestyle brand renowned for its distinctive designs and sophisticated soulful vibe pioneered by the interior designer.
The brand’s breadth of influence spans from residential and commercial interior design to curated collections of furniture, sofas, lighting, fabrics and home accessories.