Argentina Through Design

Argentina will be participating, for the second consecutive time, with a National Pavilion at WantedDesign Manhattan with a group of high-end designers and local brands. An exclusive selection will invite you to experience and live Argentina Through Design. This trade promotion activity is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina and Fundación Exportar. Nicolas Kedzierski – designer and design journalist – has been designated by WantedDesign as curator for this pavilion.



Darto was created with the aim of designing, developing and manufacturing products related to the amateur and professional food items. Giving priority to three key points: to last as long as possible, to do their job properly and to have an accessible price for the majority. The target audience is anyone who wants and likes cooking. Currently we sell mainly on our website and through our street shop. People have purchase our products from different countries like Dubai, Singapore, United States, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and Uruguay.


Espina Corona

espina corona webV2

Probably the plural formation and global observation capacity gave the Argentinean Brand Espina Corona a way of synthesis. The same as expressed in the furniture, highlighting the simplicity of the material, the nobility of wood. Espina Corona arose two years ago, with the idea to value the typical woods of South America. The craft was learned from the tradition and it was also combined with innovation as well as new digital manufacturing techniques. The proposal materializes into a modern furniture, stripped, designed for contemporary spaces. The final product depends largely on the innovation that serves the raw materials supply. Which it shows most tellingly in the design process is when the same designer builds prototypes, and returns the results adjusted to the design process until the final product. The trial and error is constant, but it is the way to integrate the traditional craft with a young and contemporary aesthetics.

Estudio Brana

Brana is a studio for architecture, interiors, and product design, led by architect Agostina Branchi. Brana has an inquisitive mind focused on turning exclusively every environment into a unique place. We want to transmit an original idea, without forgetting the product’s functionality and aesthetics, and we are always involved in all the processes of the project. We specialize in designing furniture that has its own identity, with high standards of exclusive design, and great quality and customer care.


Estudio Chale

Chalé is a Buenos Aires based design studio founded in 2015. Our goal is to create simple and honest products, and being involved in every step of the production process, in order to obtain products with high quality details. Design is latent everywhere, the material is right there, you just have to take it, transform it, intervene it, combine it. Everything can be designed, everything can be redesigned and everything can be improved.

Estudio Moas

Moas is a design and architectural studio founded in Brooklyn in 2000, and since 2005 based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moas is currently developing lighting objects and furniture for design lovers. Our goal is to explore on shape and finishings to deliver original artifacts that can add up to the totality of a room.

gabriela horvat

We work with the essence of the primitive, the ancestral, the immanence of objects. Our search is through implicit balances, subtle yet with strong contrasts; cherishing beautiful human accomplishments while working with colored aromas from the earth. Our pieces are unique, with high visual and esthetic impact, falling within the boundaries of art, jewelry and fashion; they are amulets, delicate objects, bringing stories within themselves; pieces with soul. These qualities are expressed in the selected materials, the colors and stains, used in the transformation, combination and construction.
We always use noble and local materials as silk, wool, alpaca wool, chaguar, semiprecious stones, metals, woods and Argentinean leathers.

coiling open thin detail

Marina Massone

Massone graduated as Industrial Designer in 1994 and formed her own studio. In 2000 after taking part in a workshop on metal techniques, led her to jewelery; where she found an area in which to merge her former studies with her need as an artist to express perceptions, interests and experiences. In her works, she explores the formal and technical possibilities of materials. Her work has taken part in different national and international exhibitions, Design Fairs and Contemporary Art Galleries.


Marini Estudio

Marini Estudio is a design and manufacturing project of contemporary furniture that preserves the tradition of the Argentinian industry combined with modern production processes. Our goal is that each piece retains its craft and individual imprint. We offer his vision to the public with our machines and industry to reach a balance, thanks to classic woodworking techniques. At the same time, we love to be present at all the stages, from the first sketches, models and prototypes to get a product well done prioritizing the details and finished. Our pieces communicate their personal stamp on an environment in which they are through their balance, warmth and visual lightness.



We are SUD: a Buenos Aires based Argentinian household object company. Our products came to be as a way of honoring mother nature: its forms, textures and striking colors inspire us. SUD provides the basic building blocks, but it is its user who ultimately decides how to group them: thousands of different sets can be assembled in order to adapt to each home’s particular needs in terms of space, function and color.

Tincho & Lola

We live in a beautiful world. We believe that if we don’t take care of it, make changes in our behaviors, future generations will suffer irreversible damages. Our mission is to inspire our generation on the respect that the environment and its community needs. At Tincho & Lola we make products with a great symbolic value, using noble materials such as recycled sails, canvas dyed with water-based colors, vegetable-tanned leather, brass, wood and cotton. We work day to day to reduce plastic components in our products. We offer products that are well constructed and skillfully crafted with fine regard for detail.


Varone Studio

We are a small interdisciplinary studio specialized in product design, furniture, lighting, illustration, and we also offer consultancy to different companies. We believe all the products are not just inert material, on the contrary, they live with us, help us, they are part of our history and also age with us. If we create a closer link between the user and the product, this will make it a more sustainable relationship over time; we are not talking just materials and production processes. We work in small and massive scale, but never lose sight that the products are made by men for men, so the human touch will always be present in our designs. The VV chair makes a linear game between the floor and support. Two lines run through the space between seat and floor, they move and draw through the air filling the emptiness left between the floor and the user.