Unity Quilt Workshop by Libs Elliott

Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott is a textile artist exploring the intersection of technology and traditional craftsmanship. Her work reflects both an appreciation for design history and future-focused applications. Randomly-generated using custom-written code, Libs’ quilts are the embodiment of making the digital physical. With a nod to traditional methods of production, each piece is individually made.
After a year that included exhibiting her work in New York, LA and Toronto, teaching workshops, releasing quilt patterns and announcing a fabric line with Andover Fabrics, Libs returns for a second year to WantedDesign.
This year, Elizabeth presents both an open quilt workshop as well as an exhibition of the Quantum and Cloud Chamber quilts. These two particular pieces were designed with an emphasis on minimalism and scale. By paring down to the most basic elements, the textures of the stitching and material itself become central to the aesthetic of these two pieces. libselliott.com



For the duration of WantedDesign Brooklyn (May 7-17), Libs Elliott will be sewing on-site and running the Unity Quilt open workshop within Industry City, Brooklyn.

Libs uses custom Processing code to randomly generate unique designs for her quilts. However, for this quilt, people replace the code and become the ‘random generators’. As an exercise in unity and variety, by using the provided materials, each participant will be encouraged to design a quilt block that will be sewn by Libs into the overall piece.

On Sunday, May 8th from 1-5pm she will hold a Kids’ Workshop day. Each child will have the opportunity to create a quilt block and explore design and form, geometry and color, individuality and collaboration. Because the exercise does not require cutting or sewing, the workshop is accessible and open to ages 3 and up.
Over the course of ten days, all visitors will be able to watch how the piece grows and transforms into a random and beautiful quilt, generated by the community.



Open May 7 to May 17 from 1pm to 5pm
Special Kids’ Time – Sunday May 8, from 1-5pm

No reservation needed