WantedDesign 2015 Schools Workshop by Core77

WantedDesign 2015 Schools Workshop
3 Schools, 18 Students, 1 “Forever” Design Brief: A Reflection
by Allan Chochinov- June 8

This year’s Design Schools Workshop was very successful. The theme “Design Forever” was particularly inspiring and led the students to think about an important subject and engage in interesting dialogs. The 3 schools involved this year, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Art Center College of Design and Centro Mexico had all participated previously (It was SCAD’s second time, Centro Mexico’s third time and Art Center College of Design’s forth time). The 15 students successfully embraced the challenges of collaborating, which can sometimes be more complicated than competing. Lego Group’s Creative Director, Jeremy Brazeal recognizes, “what a great challenge and opportunity this design charette was. I was impressed at how without knowing each other they were all able to use their different diverse backgrounds and perspectives as a positive opportunity and not a deterrent. Once these students begin their careers the ability to collaborate, share ideas and know when to let go of their own perspectives to let the perspectives of others in will be paramount to success.”

This year, we were able to dedicate a larger space to the workshop, moving it from Manhattan to the spacious Industry City at WantedDesign Brooklyn. It offered the perfect creative environment for a very focused work.

The jury review was rich and constructive. A big thank you to Allan Chochinov, Chair, SVA|NYC MFA Products of Design and Editor-at-Large, Core77; Daniela Coletta, USM CEO US; Davide Mariani, Alcantara Chief Designer; David Trubridge, designer; Jeremy Brazeal, Creative Director at LEGO Group and special guest David Weeks.

We extend our gratitude to Centro for leading the workshop, to USM Modular for being such a great supporter, to Visual Magnetics who provided the interactive wall and to Core77 for documenting and sharing the workshop. Read the Core77 review.

We applaud all students for their innovative ideas and creativity and we hope this was an experience they will remember forever. Watch the video.