Saturday, May 9 (11am-11pm)

Parsons Festival Program

12-2pm: Ecovative workshop: Danielle Trofe joined Ecovative to show how she incorporates Mushroom® Materials into her design process to grow sustainable lamps and planters. The workshop provided a handson experience in working with Mushroom® Materials. Instructions on how to create custom forms and tooling, as well as tips and tricks on how to grow a successful GIY project, were demonstrated. All ages were welcomed.

12:00pm-5:00pm: LightArt workshop

12-3pm: VITRA design hunt at WantedDesign Brooklyn: A fortunate visitor found all 5 hidden Vitra chairs and won one of them!

2-4pm: Workshop: 3D printing jewelry making with Holy Faya

2-4pm: Flameworking – Beadmaking demo, presented by Urbanglass (artists tbd)

12-3pm: Factory Tour: “Meet the Manufacturers in Sunset Park”
Made in NYC, a network of 1,300 NYC-based manufacturers, and WantedDesign presented a rare and intimate onsite showcase of three factories located in the historic maritime neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. All three factories were visited on the tour.
(12pm: Urban Green Furniture, a maker of sustainable and organic home goods of locally-sourced materials at Brooklyn Army Terminal Lobby 140 58th St
1:30 :Design Compendium, an innovative multidisciplinary design-build firm155 20th St- 2:40 – 3:30: Omar Muniz Factory Tour, markers of handcrafted custom cabinetry 220 36th St (Industry City))

12pm, 3pm, 5pm: MAS Walking Tours in partnership with WantedDesign Brooklyn – Presented by the MAS Urbanists
(12:00 p.m. Arts at the Army Terminal: Join chashama and MAS at the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal for a history of the neighborhood and walk through one of the largest subsidized studio programs in NYC with guide Melanie Macchio
3:00 p.m. A Stroll through Sunset Park: Join tour guide and preservation activist, Joe Svehlak for a walk up and down the neighborhood’s tree- lined streets in New York City’s largest National Register Historic District of over 3,000 buildings.
5:00 p.m. Sunset Park Waterfront Walkshop: Principles of Access, Resiliency, and Ecology: Join Michael Porto, Director of Outreach and Planning at the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, in a discussion of the different projects and uses along a transforming waterfront, through the lens of the Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines (WEDG).)

12-3pm: Brooklyn Open Studios & Factories

(2pm at the Brooklyn Museum : design-centric tour led by Decorative Arts Curator Barry Harwood)

3-5:30pm: Presentations and Talks:

3pm: Through the abcEye: beauty + commerce as a tool for change, with Colleen Newell, Sr Director of Design and Merchandising. A window into the abc edit through curation, co-creation, design and development. An exploration of abc’s commitment to indigenous artisan and environmental design.

4-4:30pm: 4-4:30pm: ““Brooklyn’s making history: Late 19th & early 20th century”
Join Barry Harwood, Curator of Decorative Arts; Brooklyn Museum, for presentations about Brooklyn’s history of making during the late19th and early 20th century. Fellow presenting scholars include PJ Carlino who focused on the Queens Pewter Company’s pewter table top objects from the 1930s; Penny Wolfson who focused on early 20th century printed tin toy company, TCohn Inc.; and Megan Schoenbaum who focused on late 19th – early 20th century stoneware pottery company, Charles Graham Pottery Co. of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

4:40-5:30pm: “What’s next in making”, a conversation with Brooklyn Museum Decorative Arts Curator Barry Harwood; Director EPFL+ECAL Lab Nicolas Henchoz; Editor in Chief, Studio Magazine Leopold Kowolik.

6-8pm Design Within Reach Brooklyn Warehouse Opening Party.
Celebrate the grand opening of the DWR Brooklyn Warehouse with cocktails, snacks and giveaways.

6-7pm : NYCxDESIGN Press VIP Welcome remarks and preview

7-11pm: NYCxDESIGN Opening Night

Sunday, May 10 (11am-6pm)

Parsons Festival Program

12:00pm-5:00pm: LightArt workshop

12-3pm Modern Mother’s Day at DWR Brooklyn Warehouse
Complimentary mimosas for moms and sweet treats for the little ones.

1-4pm: Morning Salon: Active Conversations for Sustainable Solutions
Morning Salon promotes communication, knowledge-sharing and relationships to further sustainable outcomes for companies dealing with opportunities and issues while moving towards the sustainable economy. The Morning Salon series is a curated set of experiences designed for active participation from speaker, audience members and event staff all engaged in finding sustainable solutions to new opportunities, intractable problems, conundrums that product and design oriented-companies face. Inspired by Human Centered Design, Morning Salon brings together different disciplines–ones that are not usually in each other’s orbits to have these curated experiences. Think about a mash-up of a TED-like talk, gamification and human centered design = Morning Salon.
more info about morning salon:

2-4pm: 3D printing jewelry making Holy Faya workshop

2-4pm: PlayYet Family Construction Workshop by SMarin

Thursday, May 14 (11am-6pm)

Parsons Festival Program

9:30am-6pm: Design Schools Workshop First Day (intro with Shapeways, USM, Visual Magnetics)

Possible Workshop with schools on jewelry/3D printing

Friday, May 15 (11am-6pm)

Possible Workshop with schools on jewelry/3D printing

Parsons Festival Program

10- 4pm Design Schools Workshop

Saturday, May 16 (Public Hours 11am-6pm)

Parsons Festival Program

10am-7pm: Design Schools Workshop

Shapeways 3D workshop

12-3pm: Open Studios & Factories

12-3pm: VITRA design hunt at WantedDesign Brooklyn

2-4pm: Workshop: 3D printing jewelry making with Holy Faya

2-4pm: Flameworking – Beadmaking demo, presented by Urbanglass

4:00pm: “Beauty Matters”, Presentation by David Trubridge, followed by Q&A

4:30 Interior Design cocktail in the lounge

5:30pm Design Schools Workshop review, with Designer David Trubridge, Ana/USM,

Sunday, May 17 (Public hours 11am-6pm)

Parsons Festival Program

10am-7pm: Design Schools Workshop

5:30pm Design Schools Workshop review

Monday, May 18 (Public hours 11am-6pm)

11am-6pm Parsons Festival Program

10am-12pm Design Schools Workshop (1pm departure to Chelsea)

Tuesday, May 19 (Public hours 11am-6pm)

9:30pm-12:30pm Design Forum

9:30-10:00am: Welcoming time/Coffee&Croissant

LEGO Creative Director Jeremy Brazeal examines the negatives and positives of a creative mind

10:30am “Activating the Archive”
The Vignelli Center for Design Studies Impact on Industrial Design at RIT, by Josh Owen, Professor and Chair of Industrial Design at RIT

11:00-12:30pm: Introduction by Joel Towers, on new challenges in educating design students, in the US and abroad.
Conversation and Q&A with Josh Owen, Jeremy Brazeal, and other schools representatives including Sebastian Ocampo (Centro Mexico)

3-4pm: pm Lego Workshop: LEGO as an art medium and a creative tool for kids, design and art students, with Jeremy Brazeal, LEGO Creative Director

4-5pmShapeways 3D tutorial/lecture, with Lauren Slowik, Shapeways

5:00pm: Closing Cocktail