Wanted Workspace

Beyond playing an integral role in reimagining the future of the workspace, design has the power to influence the output of workflow itself. New for 2018, Wanted Workspace, in partnership with Visual Magnetics and Steelcase, explores how design and space interface with effective collaboration, the individual’s process, and dynamic community. Wanted Workspace will be an open door workshop, a space for conversation and a place to be productive in the midst of NYCxDESIGN.

Within Wanted Workspace, visitors will get their photo taken in a Steelcase chair and will be able to create their own work-style profile by answering questions related to their personal workflow preferences. The questions were informed by a study done by Steelcase that explores what workers want. The experience is playful, personal and shareable thanks to the innovative products from Visual Magnetics and SteelcaseLearn more about “What Workers Want” research.

“The future will be powered by ideas. How we create, identify, foster and make ideas tangible—that’s how value is created. Our spaces and technologies need to help us solve problems, not cause friction or get in the way.” – James Ludwig, VP of Design and Engineering, Steelcase