Zipperer Studio

Caleb Zipperer is a furniture designer and engineer who lives and works in Brooklyn. He grew up in his grandparents’ house in Savannah, Georgia, where his fascination with pulling things apart and putting them back together led to him being enlisted to fix the family’s cars and appliances. It is a curiosity of understanding what is at the heart of all things that informs his design practice today.

zipperer studio 2015 collection low rez

Zipperer’s current collection is inspired by recent trips to China, where he observed factory workers throwing together whatever they needed – work benches, scaffolding – with the materials on hand. There is no design considered besides solving a problem the quickest way possible. They are just beautifully made objects that people have created to make their lives a little easier. It is this sort of basic functionality Zipperer had in mind when designing his collection.

Zipperer’s pieces have been exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and BKLYN Designs. They have also been featured in various publications including DwellCore77Modenus, Surface, New York Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Inhabitat and 2 Modern Blog.