Rather than follow the fashion trends the Swiss firm USM has cultivated its own sense of rigour and timelessness, two inherent values dear to its practice. The USM Haller shelving system is made of sheet-steel panels and chromed tubes joined together by unique ball connectors, which have enabled the brand, since its launch in 1965, to offer an infinite range of configurations. Every day, more and more end clients, architects and designers, are seduced by its basic aesthetic and ultra-functionality.


Fifty years later, USM’s Haller furniture system has become a design classic and continues to inspire new interior designs around the world. And it continues to perfect itself, with the strength of its 100% Swiss manufacturing process and faultless adherence to its original spirit, to better respond to the flexibility of our daily lives.


About USM

More than a century ago, USM was known as a pre-eminent producer of iron works and window fittings. In 1961, Paul Schaerer, grandson of USM founder Ulrich Schaerer, chose to take the company in a new and dramatic direction by transforming the factory from a large, manually-oriented metal production plant into a modern, industrial enterprise.

To achieve this goal, Schaerer commissioned Swiss architect Fritz Haller to design a building that would accommodate the Münsingen-based company’s factory and provide ample space for administrative offices. The facilities modular architecture inspired Haller and Schaerer in the conception of flexible storage solution to accompany the firm’s growth prospect. In 1963, the two men created the pioneering furniture product known today as USM Haller Systems.

From the sourcing process to the distribution strategy without mentioning the production phase, USM acts in respect of the environment. The long life cycle of our products achieved through the unlimited possible reconfigurations of the system contribute to a minimal waste generation and account for our sustainable philosophy.

Nowadays the Swiss furniture company counts about 400 employees worldwide. Head office and production are still in Münsingen, Switzerland. USM Modular Furniture is also distributed worldwide in more than 40 countries with a network of more than 410 qualified sales partners. USM has established a prominent reputation and international presence with flagship showrooms in Bern, Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich, Paris, Tokyo and New York offering both cultural spaces and support platforms.