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Appetite for Summer

Like other cities whose annual temperatures range from minus 30 to plus 30, from snowstorms to heatwaves, Toronto’s disdain for winter is equally met with its appetite for summer. With each warmer and longer day, we reflect on Toronto’s love for “food-to-go” through a favourite summer pastime: picnicking. Starting with a well-packed picnic basket, where everything has its place, this box has all the fine accoutrements needed for an exceptional afternoon in the sun.

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Designers will be:

Alissa Coe and Vincent Joseph Monastero, Elements Water Carafe and Tumblers

Handmade in stone-inspired porcelain, this set is derived from the dynamic union between two disparate forms. Water is kept cool and fresh longer as a result of the insulating porcelain walls and small opening of the carafe.

Vincent Joseph Monastero

Unitfive Design, picnic tablecloth

An homage to the bygone days of family picnics in the park. We were inspired by the imagery of plaid patterns of 50’s and 60’s picnic baskets and accessories. Each panel is comprised of three hand textured layers in two different plated tones, hand stitched together.

Alissa Coe, Hexagonal Plates

Hand made in fine translucent porcelain this set of hexagonal plates demonstrates the simple strength of geometric form.

 Carl & Rose, Crystal Stacked Planter/Container

Each planter and container is a unique assemblage of cut and cast glass vessels, constructed by hand and lacquered in industrial paints in a rainbow of colors.

rcboisjoli, Sea Oats Hanky

This basic geometric design is single abstracted heads of wheat printed in basic repeat. They are silk screened with a rich saturated black and the entire hanky has been permanently overdyed in a custom mixed seafoam dye that adds a great but subtle hue to the print. Each hand made and dyed hanky is carefully sewed and finished in our Toronto based studio.

With box fabrication by Scott Eunson.


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