Tonki is an amazing new way to print and frame any image from your iPhone, Android or computer. It’s super fun and super-simple! Simply upload your photos from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or your photo roll to Your images will be directly printed on tonki, a self-assembling frame created from one sheet of the world’s prettiest recycled cardboard.


Tonki arrives in the mail and through its clever design, in minutes is ready to hang or display. Tonki can turn any space into “your” space. Tell about your most awesome night out, your boldest skate trick, your wildest travels.

Tonki Thumbnail & #2Image copy

Tonki was created in Italy in 2012 as a way to touch our memories again, those photos lost to the whirlwind of social media. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in February 2015, tonki began production in Montréal for distribution to the U.S. and Canada. Our official North American launch is here at WantedDesign 2015. Come visit us in Gallery Six!!