Spacio Terreno

Spacio Terreno is a design workshop founded in 2010. We are husband and wife duo, Patricio Andrade and Isabel Becerra. We are inspired by the similarities found in completely different cultures. We strive to create a balance between intuition and rationalism to bring to life emotional and functional objects.

Spacio Terreno Lo2

Our current range of products include our Rumigami concrete house wares line and bespoke handmade jewelry, all made in our Brooklyn Studio.

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At WantedDesign 2015 we will be debuting various products we have been developing for the past several months in our native countries in South America. Our furniture is made of leather and wood, all handmade and flat pack featuring classic wedge in tenon joints.

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We produce our black clay ceramics using a traditional technique in which the pieces are fired in sawdust and polished using quartz stone, creating a much stronger piece. We are collaborate with a third generation metal smith to create our hand woven copper baskets using recycled material. Our textiles are all hand made loomed using only natural alpaca and wool fibers and dyes.

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