Sergio Mannino Studio comes back to WantedDesign with a series of new floor graphics developed for flooring manufacturer Better Life Technology LLC (BLT). The patterns are digitally printed using a proprietary process to create a new product called G-FLOOR GRAPHIC. This exciting new flooring process is excellent for creative retail display and can be used in any environment, including heavy traffic locations.

This new flooring series is fun and playful and will be presented for the first time at WantedDesign 2015. It will be available on sale directly from the website in different color patterns.

Unlike other vinyl floors which contain heavy fillers and foam, G-FLOOR GRAPHIC is solid vinyl, making it more durable for a longer wear life, more malleable for easier installation, and completely recyclable.

04 Orchids on White

Together with this new flooring series Sergio Mannino Studio, in partnership with American Designer Thomas Lehman with his studio in Milan, will present their newest collaboration “Inside-out” produced by T.Alongi in Montreal. This furniture series plays with the ready made language of Italian maestro Enzo Mari, beginning with rough and slightly primitive construction opening to reveal a gemlike surprise of intense color applied to the highly refined interiors.


Continuing the ready-made tradition the design.unknown light series by Thomas Lehman will also be presented both as a finished product and as a DIY with instructions to download the files ready to print on your own 3D printer.

Sergio and Thomas individually own and direct their successful studios in NYC and Milan and are passionate collaborators, creating design collections and unique pieces for Italian, Danish, American and Asian companies and clients.

Inside-out cabinet 01