Robert Debbane

Robert Debbane Studio is based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded by artist and designer Robert Debbane, the studio has a collection of lighting designs fabricated on 3D printers. They are committed to creating exceptional designs by pushing the limits of the technology, and to think beyond the limits typically associated with 3D printing so far.

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As an artist, Debbane has worked in a variety of media including painting, photography, and installation. He has also been interested in the interaction between traditional art-making and digital processes. He began experimenting with 3D printers in 2011 as a tool to use in his art studio, which eventually led to the lighting designs the studio is currently producing.


Taking inspiration from Islamic tile patterns, forms found in nature, and images of outer-space, subjects Debbane has investigated through his artwork, the designs have a sculptural quality when unlit reminiscent of ancient relief sculptures. When turned on, the geometric patterns are revealed in a surprising and dramatic way.