Richard Clarkson Studio

“harmonious contradictions & unapologetic curiosity”

Richard Clarkson Studio offers a range of innovative perspectives on traditional material ideologies, new technologies and adventurous opportunities. Distorting the ever-blurring lines between art & design, the studio uses processes & methodologies drawn from both disciplines. The New York + New Zealand based studio offers services in consultancy, product & experience design as well as an evolving range of pieces available for commission & sale.


Exhibiting at this year’s Wanted show RCS presents the Rain lamp, a light fixture that uses actual water to create a shimmering ripple effect. LED technology allows for mixing of light and water in ways that were never before possible. A hidden Micro-Peristaltic pump circulates water from the pool and releases droplets that fall around a bulb. As the droplets fall into the pool the light refracts from the disturbance of the ripples.

Rain Lamp from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

However the real magic comes from droplets simultaneously dropping – as the ripples of each droplet collide it creates a series of constructive and destructive interferences, a momentary condition in which the ripples ‘bounce’ off of each other. This is displayed in the projected light below as mesmerizing patches of light and dark patterns.