Together they embody the future of Québécois design. They draw on the oldest of craft traditions and the newest of design processes to create works with an original vocabulary and sensitivity. QC Design’s signature is a savant mix of materials, forms, techniques and styles in response to contemporary interior design challenges with concepts that are cutting-edge, often socially responsible and always original.


These woodworkers, ceramicists, textile, objects, furniture and lighting designers will present singular products that are sure to seduce professionals and the public at large. QC Design is committed to promote Quebec’s creative spirit by establishing a go-to guide for innovative, accessible products and emerging talents, featuring designers Barda, Milan, Mini-Loop, PMO Design, Rachel Grenon, and Tat Chao.

The design companies part of QC DESIGN are:


Barda is a new Canadian company dedicated to the production of exceptional objects and furniture in the contemporary fine craft category. At the intersection of art, design and craftsmanship, Barda offers durable, exclusive luxury objects that support a new way of consuming, aiming to promote the quality and sustainability of objects rather than mass production and accessibility. Barda makes sustainable development an integral part of all its actions.

Supporting the French Slow Made movement, whose values and philosophy she shares, the founder, Catherine Vayssier, whose personal and professional development were shaped in both France and Canada, has defined her company’s mission and values through a simple, evocative concept: the human presence behind the object.

Barda_ottoman -  front_700x350

Barda’s creative artisans design unique and valuable works of art. They have been recognized as up-and-coming designers or as established craftspeople, both in France and in Canada. Paper lamp sculptures, furniture decorated with laser engraving, traditional cabinetmaking and contemporary design: emotions and stories are behind every product.

Contact info@barda.ca


Camelia Boamfa Comsit

« Why I was born in Romania? Why I have the chance to live in Quebec? Why art? Why I love poetry? Why I love theatre? Why…?


Why not poesy? Why I shouldn’t create lamps? Why I shouldn’t be in love? Why shouldn’t I transport my fillings, my doubts, my fears, my travel experience, my passion in the concrete world of lamps? »


Milan’s creativity rests on a contemporary look. Products that are both functional and ergonomic with a sophisticated and timeless design. Milan was founded by Tony Gaudette. He grew up within the Northern Coast Italian community and has been a passionate design teacher in the Quebec college network for more than a decade. His whole life, good food and the art of living were part of his universe. Several decades later, Milan has only one goal: reinvent those mythical kitchen objects that were part of the founder’s childhood.


In 2003, this designer and pedagogue took part in workshops of cabinet-making to learn all the secrecies of wood. After eight years of discoveries, he merged his love for design to its vocation of creator by giving birth to the first products of Milan.Design and communication graduate, he was always fascinated by the creation of culinary objects. With a master in graphic design and multimedia from Laval University, this craftsman had everything needed to bring his unique touch in the universe of culinary products. Tony Gaudette launched and founded Milan in 2011.



After studying graphic design and multimedia, Hugo Cantin, founder of Mini-Loop, now experiments with light, vintage imagery, visual perception and illusions. He deconstructs visual elements from the past in multiple layers to create new contemporary designs with hologram-style depth effect. He creates unique collages that incorporate old archival films into repetitive patterns… fascinating textures made out of thousands of miniature images revealing lost stories, movements and rhythm.


Nested into wood or steel boxes, Cantin’s works are brought to life and animated by LED lights. These conversation pieces can be customized with different sizes and color schemes.

Contact info@mini-loop.com


We work together, we live together. One is more creative, the other more analytic. The balance is just fine. Fun and efficiency. Our first collection was launched at design shows in Milan and New York in 2006 to an enthusiastic response from fellow designers, customers and press coverage from around the world: Interior Design, Citylife, I.D., Casa, etc. Since then, we have launched more than 20 original products, designed and made locally.

Functions inspire us and we often create objects to maximize their usefulness, hence our name: NON-USELESS. We create contemporary objects and pieces of furniture that are multifunctional or modular because we believe that this extends their useful life and therefore avoids (on a small scale) waste, over-consumption and over-furnishing homes. Our work is therefore part of a sustainable design approach, more so as all our objects are made locally.

NON-USELESS_Catch_my_drip!Web Wanted

We design our objects to be funny, with unusual shapes, and we make sure they can fit well in any room. Because they often serve several purposes in different parts of the house, they fit perfectly in small spaces. Since 2013, we’re one of the Montreal designers of the Code Souvenir Project selected by a design jury to represent Montreal as a UNESCO City of Design. We love to experiment with new materials, team up with manufacturers and have fun creating something unusual with them. As our work has an artistic side, we also like to collaborate with galleries to create installations and objects.
PMO Design

PMO Design has been producing quality handmade designs using ceramic and other material for everyday use since its establishment in 1999. Products of PMO Design are carried in boutiques in Canada, US, UAE, Australia and Japan.


Kwok Wai Lau, the owner of PMO Design, received his Master Degree at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. His works are exhibited in Canada, Europe and Japan.

Contact wai@pmod.ca
PMOD logo

Rachel Grenon Céramiste

The platters made by Rachel Grenon are impressive and takes a lot of space! She uses glazing techniques in an artistic and unique matter. She’s inspired by the sentence: “It’s for the unknown thing than the eye is opened… “. Her oversized “The Swimmers” bowls were shown at the Bi-annual Fine Art Show in Korea.

Contact rachelgrenon@videotron.ca

Tat Chao

With a background in Industrial Design, Tat Chao explores diverses aspects of design such as object, funiture, lighting and jewelry. He also tackles spatial and graphic design projects with passion and originality.


Sensory, poetic, conscientious, eclectic are among many terms that characterize his unique work. Creativity and beauty has no boundaries.

Contact info@tatchao.com