Some objects have the power to transform a space, some to enhance our way of life. We at Nimbldesign look for objects that do both, that are transformational + life-enhancing. With its ubiquitous qualities, our Mushroom Ottoman is a perfect illustration of our design philosophy.

Sculptural, functional, sophisticated and luxurious, the Mushroom Ottoman brings fresh architectural beauty and relaxed elegance to any room. Half sculpture, half furniture, its art like quality makes it a natural presence in a formal living room as well as in a children’s playroom. Anywhere, it is a conversation piece.

Nimbldesign 2

A perfect occasional seat, it makes entertaining effortless by accommodating any number of extra guest and creating a warm, convivial atmosphere. Easy to move and to fit into any space owing to its small footprint, it is versatile and can double as a side table or footstool.  In the smaller version, it turns into an ideal kid’s chair.

_MG_5309 700x350

With its strong visual impact and minimalist aesthetics, the Mushroom Ottoman creates a sense of uncluttered space, inviting many effective combinations depending on need and available surface.  Alone, in pairs or in groupings, in various sizes and colors, the striking results underscore the strength of its unique pared-down profile

One or two easily accommodate extra guests
Three or more create natural conversation hub
Groupings morph into striking art-like installation

Our fabrics and hues are carefully selected to bring a sense of luxury to our line and make it compatible with many decorating styles. From neutral to primary colors, they help create subdued color combinations or inject whimsical pop accents in any room.

Although not your usual recreational drug, our version of the Mushroom is sure to bring renewed pleasure, sophistication and beauty into our life.

CARROUSEL DH3A5382 700x350


The Mushroom Ottoman by NIMBLdesign

Designed by Martine Trink Rubenstein

Sizes: Large: H 18” W 26”

          Small: H 16” W 21”

Materials: wood, foam

Made in the USA