I have worked as a freelance industrial designer since 1994 as well as in design management and creative direction. I also teach automotive design and give conferences and seminars.

I define myself as a designer, thinker, speaker and dreamer who embraces chaos.

Nest for UNO-design - miGUEL HERRANZ 2

I work on technical and conceptual projects in a variety of fields. I always try to follow a commercial approach. And when I say commercial, I’m not exclusively referring to sales, but to the capacity of connecting with society.

By reflecting on the commercial approach and how it connects with society, combined with all my years as a designer, I eventually came to analyze my creative process and developed a theory that I like to call THE NON-METHODOLOGY.

THE NON-METHODOLOGY is an anarchical-analytical process in the conceptual nebula that makes it possible to create conceptual tools for real solutions based on analyzing the three core elements found in every project: culture, industry and society.

Anfora for LZF Lamps- miGUEL HERRANZ 3

Using an analytical process to create a nebula for each project, followed by an anarchical immersion, that is in fact guided by the most relevant connections, provides each project with a different conceptual tool. It results in a different methodology for every project.

miGUEL HERRANZ will be presenting as part of Interiors from Spain.