Jory Brigham Design

Jory Brigham is a California-born artist, designer and builder with a passion for creating lasting works by hand.  Growing up among generations of woodworkers and craftsmen, Jory discovered his own creative voice within the family trade at an early age.


Critics and collectors alike agree that Jory’s craft displays his patience and restraint as much as his creative license. Actually, it is not uncommon that a piece of organic material lay idle for weeks as Jory considers its shape and form before making a single cut.


Though his artistic inspiration pulls from decades throughout the twentieth century, Jory notes, “In traveling throughout the country, I’ve always been inspired by how different inflections and accents can bring such diversity, especially to things considered classics. While there are elements of all my designs that pay homage to my roots, many of my pieces play with colors and textures to pair unique perspectives with classic, mid-century balance.”