Gufram presents Bounce World by Karim Rashid

The innovative XL Extralight material was used by Gufram in 2014 to produce the very colorful and soft Bounce chair designed by Karim Rashid. In 2015 Gufram planned to increase Bounce’s modular capability, and the new product family was presented to the world in a sneak preview for Wanted in New York. It’s a soft, colorful and innovative world, where Bounce’s features and versatility are presented in a new bench, an original lounge chair, a footstool for the bar, a lounge chair complete of ottoman as well as some other unexpected design accessories.

05 Gufram BOUNCE_karimpinks

Gufram is a company that has given a large contribution to Italian creativity and design. With its experimentations tied to aesthetic, technological and materials research, it created seats and furniture that have made the history of interior design. The Multiples produced in limited editions such as the couch Bocca, the recliner Pratone, the hall tree Cactus, and the armchair Capitello (to mention a few) are kept in the most beautiful and admired houses in the world. Since 1966 Gufram has produced design icons that have taken the form and value of uniqueness, thanks to the cross-contamination of industrial planning approach, artisanal creation and the creative inspiration typical of art.

12 Gufram BOUNCE_terrace
Critics and collectors have defined them as alert, subversive and desecrating products with a pop soul, or as Rock objects, willingly conceived as Anti-design elements – revolutionary symbols of a break from old patterns, which are usual in the world of interior design. Definitions are not so important, though; what counts for Gufram is the commitment to preserve that subtle irony which has always been part of its DNA, and that it shares with the designers with whom it collaborates, their admirers, and all those willing to get involved in this original and surreal vision of domestic landscape.

10 Gufram BOUNCE_combo
After the change in ownership at the beginning of 2012, the new course started with the same attitude that identifies the brand, and opened to new collaborations with world renown designers. They are designers and artists who have the will and the ability to question themselves, and have thus the opportunity to enter a veritable playground for the benefit of all those who have always loved Gufram.

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