Good Thing

Good Thing is an American design studio and manufacturing company born in Brooklyn, New York in 2014. Founded by product designers Jamie Wolfond and Samantha Anderson, the company uses a uniquely collaborative process to produce household objects that are innovative, functional and expressive. Good Thing’s ambition is to make accessible products that establish a strong connection with their users.


Achieving this goal starts with our skilled and experienced manufacturing partners. From the very beginning of the design process, we work closely with these partners to gain an understanding of their talents and limitations, enabling us to design products that are inherently suited to their capabilities. Our most exciting discoveries come from the unique skills our producers share and explore with us. In turn, our ability to look at their craft through a new lens expands their base of business, growing their market and strengthening the local economy.


This collaborative spirit extends to all levels of our work at Good Thing. In addition to our in house design effort, we select up and-coming artists and designers who share our ambition and offer a unique perspective. Working in this way makes Good Thing not only a manufacturing company, but also a platform for creative individuals to share their ideas with the public.


Since it’s launch, Good Thing has quickly grown a network of retailers in the USA, Canada and Europe. The debut collection caught the attention of international media, including the New York Times, New York Magazine, Sight Unseen, Jalouse Magazine and more.