Flow Architech

Back in 2002 — after a decade of work in architecture, industrial design, lighting and manufacturing — SHAdi + company launched the Trak-Kit® system with unprecedented support by industry leaders nationwide. Three years later they announced the automated version with smart-id™ which revolutionized the mobile audio/video sector.

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Recognizing a vacuum for more developed design aesthetics that’s seamlessly integrated with smarter technology, they began to contemplate a new paradigm. With a burgeoning relationship with manufacturers, coupled with their growing award-winning architectural design work, they created FLOW Architech™ — a lifestyle company fully vested in smart technology, modern architecture and functional design.

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Technology is no longer something that we add and apply to architecture after the fact. Part designer and part technologist, a FLOW Architech™ simultaneous designs with technology involved at the get go.

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For this reason, FLOW Architech™ is truly a lifestyle company but one in tune with the dynamic and challenging conditions we face rather than stylistic lifestyle. While we constantly show and question some of these challenges through specific products and systems that we have designed and manufactured, we also work as consultants on various scale projects across many sectors, pushing both design and technology to arrive at a more relevant solution.

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