Elish Warlop

Elish Warlop Design Studio is a design firm focusing on furniture and lighting. Elish is a licensed architect with a MFA in furniture design, and her work addresses notions of scale, repetition, and engagement. She explores how we go from continuously streaming in this world to singularly focused. Her work is something to be unpacked by the viewer, revealed, or discovered. Experimenting with modeling, prototyping, and testing the limits of each design, is an important part of the studio’s process.

ELECTRIC MACARONI: a gesture drawing inspired this lamp. Movement is embedded in the form and operation of the piece. Made of brass tubes, cloth cord, and LEDs, the lamp registers a different pattern of light on the wall every time it is moved. The language of repetition allows this lamp to be customized and adaptable to multiple surroundings.

Elish Warlop - 700350 Line Drawn Lamp

WALNUT SHADES: This piece began as an exploration of three dimensional tessellations; giving a flat pattern form. They are meant to be located in front of a window or to divide space. They can be adjusted by rotating, and in doing so, one allows more or less space and light to travel through. Made of bent laminated wood and metal.

EfW-WANTED Product Images2

LOOP CHAIR: is a study in folding, and the desire to create structure with a single slice. The chair registers one’s weight, and pushes back. Made of polypropylene and felt, this playful chair has a bit of bounce!

Elish Warlop - 700350 loop