Inside Out. Polish Graphic Design

Inside Out. Polish Graphic Design organized by during this year’s WantedDesign in New York will feature the best of what Polish graphic design and illustration has to offer. The exhibition however, will differ from other graphic design exhibitions: it will not focus only on the end product – the poster, the book, the dress, the magazine, but on the creative process – the true hand craft. The exhibition will flip the designs inside out and show how they are made.

Taking a closer look at designer’s hands and the power they yield we will see that their hands are used not only as a creative power, but also as “thinking tools”, essential both in the creation of the end product, as well as in the creation itself. On the one hand, the exhibition will emphasize the role of freehand drawing, collage, painting, and art & crafts, play in working designs. On the other hand, the exhibition will show the role of drawing and sketches in conceptual work on designs.

The exhibition will consist of three parts:Hand-made will present designs that were originally drawn, cut out, technique, collage, etc., and later reproduced in the form of a poster, or a book cover. Hand-produced will show works manufactured using craft techniques such as silkscreen printing or bookbinding techniques. Hand-thought will be dedicated to the creative process – sketching, drawing, cutting, gluing, and creating paper prototypes.

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Interest in design has grown rapidly over the last decade in Poland – more and more often we hear about cooperation between Polish and international design academies, Polish designers are invited to collaborate with the biggest brands in the design world or given a chance to sell their products on international markets. Poland has taken on an active role within the global circuit of ideas, concepts, innovations and technologies. Polish business has noticed the immense potential in design and the industry has started betting on innovation.

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, a national cultural institution responsible for promoting Polish culture, has been a key agent in supporting the presentation of Polish artists and the promotion of Polish design worldwide. The Institute is the owner of – an umbrella brand which encompasses the best of international cultural projects featuring Polish artists. By looking closely at each project and following the career paths of each designer, we come out with a story of Poland, its inhabitants, their history and culture. It is the story of a modern country that hasn’t forgotten its roots. Our artists take inspiration from local tradition, they turn to craftsmanship or draw upon communist times, and by doing so they creatively transform the past. At the same time, they look boldly into the future and offer innovative solutions which are abreast with the very latest international trends.

Design is exceptional for its openness to dialogue and its readiness to collaborate with other fields. It creates the one and only meeting and discussion platform for the representatives of business, industry, culture and science. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute has been actively participating in this process, which is a key driving force of economic and intellectual development in 21st-century societies. So far, in its promotion of Polish design, the Institute is proud to have cooperated with Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan), Maison&Objet (Paris), Paris Design Week, DW! Sao Paulo Design Weekend, Inno Design Tech Expo (Hong Kong), Business of Design Week (Hong Kong), Istanbul Design Week, International Furniture Fair Singapore, Design Trade (Copenhagen), London Design Festival, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (New York), Blueprint Magazine, Icon Magazine, and Wallpaper*. provides daily fresh information on the most exciting Polish cultural events worldwide.

It is the biggest and most comprehensive source of knowledge about Polish culture – apart from event listings for Poland and beyond, it boasts a wealth of artist bios, reviews, essays, synopses and profiles of cultural institutions. A special section dedicated to Polish design includes information about the latest trends, works and projects. For over a decade now, the website has been operated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute – a national cultural institution aiming to strengthen Polish cultural impact and to benefit international cultural exchange.

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