Colombia Design

COLOMBIA Design is the name of the design booth created by Tu Taller Design to be presented at WantedDesign to show the design products developed in Colombia.

Colombia Design will present a unique collection of efficient, functional and beautiful products developed through digital and artisanal processes. The exhibition will be composed by Tu Taller Design and Polígono and will feature products developed with 3D printing processes provided by Green Print. All of them are strongly focused on transmitting a design experience that combines the use of digital fabrication and local artisanal crafting.

The companies are:

Tu Taller Design
Tu Taller Design makes custom design and sells products through order and direct sales, as well as providing advisory services and guidance in design projects.

Visuals_web_03The company work hard to transmit a design experience, reflected in a principles, a love to the profession and a deep admiration due to the tecniques and power of our colombian land. The main strengths of the company are the generation of efficient, functionals and beautiful products through design, the digital fabrication and the crafted production. Today the company is looking for new business and knowledge alliances to develop mutual benefit projects, worldwide commercialization opportunities, improving the costs and quality day by day.


Polígono, is a Furniture design studio focused to develop ideas and products through digital and artisanal processes. The brand’s main objective is designing products through the experimentation, morphological exploration and geometrical transformation and their applications in the design object.


Polígono is a industrial and graphic studio, which designs and manufactures customized products for individuals, businesses and institutions. Our added value and innovation is the digital manufacturing applied with craft processes, to create products where quality and efficiency are the key foundations of our work.

The studio are strongly focused working with processes linked to the digital crafting as concept, theory and production process, achieving that the designed products have a place into their local context that they belong.

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Green Print 3D

Green Print 3D, is a Colombian company dedicated to creating custom 3d printing machinery. For this edition of WANTED DESIGN 2015, Green Print 3D together with the company Tu Taller design studio, show the first printed collection of 3d furniture made in Latin America.


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