Alegre Design

Every day, Alegre Design thinks about how it can change the world, shaping the future. We can change the past.

At Alegre Design we don’t just create products, we come up with new solutions and uses for day-to-day designs. Each and every one of our projects takes us another step forward in design. We ask ourselves questions that nobody else does, and we get answers that we turn into efficient solutions for people’s everyday needs. Basically, our products stand out from the crowd, not just because of their designs, but because they are innovative and unique. Our design solutions are effective and long-lasting and generate new sensations.


Alegre Design has more than 10 years of experience behind it and specialises in product design. The Alegre industrial team views design as a global concept applied to the entire development process, where sustainability, usability, efficiency and looking after the environment are key to each and every one of the products created. Alegre industrial acts as a bridge between design and production, with the aim of providing creative technical innovations that improve people’s day-to-day lives.


Alegre Design will be presenting as part of Interiors from Spain.