Aaffect Studio

Aaffect is a design studio from South Korea that wants to design products that have real meanings to our lives. Our greatest influences come from observing and trying to honestly understand people, and we dream of returning that same affect to everyone through our designs.

They will be showcasing their latest work, Buddi, at Wanted Design Manhattan 2015. The young designers came up with a hip item that can change visuals and have different uses; just by changing its magnetic cover.



Buddi is the new proposal for not just your smart life, but a fancy home life. We wanted to create furniture that is most efficient and useful for anyone. Buddi is a smart table for your bed that can change its outer magnetic covers to match any style and need. The basis of the idea came when we wanted to create something that would benefit people who live in small houses like the popular mini studios. The time we spend at home is becoming less, but we still believe that the home is the most comfortable and enjoyable place in the world. As smart devices entered our lives, traditional furniture became obsolete and people started to do activities like surfing the web and watching movies more and more on the bed. So we created a table for your bed with a comfortable and aesthetic design, and a feature that allows it to change functions and style for a unique experience to each person. Buddi’s cover is changeable to fit one’s taste in fashion, as well as hold office supplies to become your personal assistant. It is only up to the imagination what Buddi can become.