+37 Studio for Design

+37 Studio for Design, is a design consultancy following a user-centered approach; which means we solve problems with the tool of design. We are about defining the demand and designing for the real need. For us; users are the real experts, and the design process should start and continue with them. As designers our role is to translate users’ desires into actionable insights and to act on them.


At WantedDesign we are proud to present our first case study: Un-scene from Turkey.

The study starts with the idea of looking for everyday life insights in Turkish rural areas, and turning them into questions for designing opportunities and innovation. As +37 Studio for Design, we traveled to designated rural regions of Turkey, where we held ethnographic design research to understand how people in different demographics, find different solutions to the similar problems. The study is separated into three main design projects; each attacking a major problem that we observed during our field trip, and now we are offering a solution to these problems with the tool of design.


Short Biography:

Nazlıcan Göksu, Co-founder / industrial designer

Originally from Turkey, received her BA in Product Design in Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.Following her education, she moved to New York, where she was hired as a design intern at ECCO design. Meanwhile she attended a certificate program in marketing management in NYU, and a Postbaccalaureat Program in Columbia University majoring in Anthropology. She was also the New York reporter/columnist for a Turkish daily national newspaper Milliyet. Nazlican takes the lead on the Insight&Strategy part of the projects.

Yasemin Uyar, Co-founder / industrial designer

Born and raised in Turkey, she moved to New York to receive her BA of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute.During her education she received awards from IDSA and Rowena Reed Kostellow Foundation. After her studies she worked at Karim Rashid Inc. Later, she was hired as an industrial design intern at Smart Design. Yasemin takes the lead on the concept development and execution part of the projects.