Design In Puerto Rico

Four Puerto Rican designers were chosen to represent the island at WantedDesign during NYCxDESIGN. The jury selected five proposals from four Puerto Rican designers. The designers chosen to present their work at the fourth edition of WantedDesign are: Doel Fresse, Vladimir García, Marx Rosado, and Alberto Green (with two winning proposals)Carlos Bobonis Colorado, Director of Design in Puerto Rico will also join this talented group, showing his most recent work.

The work of these designers will occupy a 200 square foot space at WantedDesign this May and as DIPR is the only Caribbean exhibitor, these proposals will surely stand out for their colorful use of representative materials and design from the region. Said Bobonis Colorado, “All of the pieces showcase Puerto Rican talent and were manufactured on the island, in line with our objective to reactivate the design and manufacturing industries and turn them into engines for local economic development.” Design in Puerto Rico serves as a business platform for Puerto Rican designers with quality products with commercial and export potential. This organization seeks to strengthen the relationships between designers, manufacturers and distributors, as well as provide a platform for design in Puerto Rico and in international markets.

“We are excited about the quantity and quality of the designs we received. It shows the island has enough talent to become a center for the development, manufacturing and export of designs made in Puerto Rico. That remains our goal, and the work of so many design professionals inspires us to continue working in that direction,” said Bobonis.

In addition to the assessed work, Bobonis highlighted the contributions of jurors and other project partners. “Like any successful endeavor, Design in Puerto Rico and Producibles are made possible through the efforts of many people. Special thanks to Antoine Roset of Ligne Roset, Paul Makovsky of Metropolis magazine, Xavi Sempere of Culdesac, Angel Ling of The Carrot Concept, Jean Pierre Santoni of basi co., the designer Andrea Bauza, and jury director Marcelo Lopez Dinardi for the seriousness and professionalism demonstrated during the deliberation process and their commitment to the development of the design industry,” said Bobonis. The director of Design in Puerto Rico also thanked sponsors, particularly the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, for having consistently supported the project since its inception.

large DoelFresse

Design Doel Fresse

large Marxz Rosado

Design Marxz Rosado

large Vladimir Garcia

Design Vladimir Garcia

large Alberto Green

Design Alberto Green

large CarlosB

Carlos Bobonis design