TIMBER! About the designers

Lindsey Adelman has long been obsessed with illumination in all its forms. Her work treads the porous border between sculpture and design, combining organic handwrought materials like blown glass with the strong industrial beauty of machine-milled components, her lighting systems create radiant warmth while underscoring the drama of shadows and emptiness. Her studio, founded in 2006, designs, prototypes, and builds in-house, working with a close circle of local manufacturers to develop and produce custom parts. A native New Yorker, she lives in Brooklyn, with her husband, Ian, an art director, and their 15-year old son, Finn. lindseyadelman.com

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BELLBOY founder Mat Driscoll is a designer living and working in New York City. He believes that furniture is one of the most intimate things in a home, and that timeless design offers the owner an opportunity to add meaning to each object and space. His work is simple and imaginative, of exquisite craftsmanship and elegant proportions. bellboynewyork.com

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Cambium Studio, launched by Mark Righter in 2004 specializes in sustainably-produced, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and architectural millwork. Righter, who worked for the Department of Forestry and the Smithsonian Institute before getting into woodworking, is also a faculty member at Parsons School of Design. cambiumstudio.com

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Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a design studio that explores materials and new ways to use them. The studio invents new techniques and materials or diverts common industrial supplies to off-label applications. Chen Chen and Kai Williams met while attending the Pratt Institute and founded the company in New York City in 2011. The studio creates a wide range of products from hand made one-off and limited production collectible works to manufacturing specialty home goods carried by retailers around the world.cckw.us

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Alan Dorsey has loved wood as long as he can remember. As a boy in East Tennessee he would tinker in his father’s garage workshop for hours. The two even restored a 19th-century farmhouse together. His mother will tell you that under his childhood bed was a vast collection of sticks, branches, boards, bones, and other treasures. These were his toys, not by necessity, but by choice. Today, by designing and building custom furniture and cabinetry and by creating sculptural objects from wood on the lathe, he shares his passion and continues discovering the material’s endless possibilities. alandorsey.com

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Egg Collective is a New York-based design firm established in 2011 by Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie. The company was conceived of as a creative partnership synthesizing its founder’s backgrounds in art, architecture, and woodworking. Each item created by Egg Collective is handmade from natural materials that are intended to stand the test of time. That inherent solidity extends to every aspect of the company’s production processes. Community, quality, and stewardship of the natural world are at the company’s core. All of Egg Collective’s work is made of the highest quality raw materials in its own woodshop and in collaboration with local small-scale fabricators. eggcollective.com

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Chilean artist, designer, and activist Sebastian Errazuriz blurs the boundaries between contemporary art, design, and craft; inviting the viewer to reconsider everyday life paradigms. Errazuriz has been tackling everything from giant public projects and political artworks to experimental furniture, functional sculptures, and product design. His work is always surprising and compelling, inviting the viewer to look again at realities that were often hidden in plain sight. meetsebastian.com

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FLAVOR PAPER creates compelling, conversational wallpaper that flips tradition on its head. The Brooklyn-based brand specializes in hand-screened prints and large format digital designs that are true works of art. From scratch-and-sniff wallcoverings for the Museum of Art and Design and a glow-in-the-dark collaboration with the Haas Brothers, to custom patterns for leading hotels and restaurants around the globe, Flavor Paper explores all boundaries of conventional wallcovering design…and then breaks them. Flavor Paper’s designs are part of permanent museum collections at the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and the Brooklyn Museum and Flavor Paper is the only wallpaper company that holds the rights to Andy Warhol’s designs. Flavor Paper is also sustainable, using water-based inks and PVC-free, recyclable and recycled content to create its print-to-order designs. flavorpaper.com

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David Gaynor, of David Gaynor Designs is a native New Yorker who grew up within a furniture manufacturing family. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). After working for Brown University and Uhuru Design he founded his studio in 2010. David Gaynor Design is located in Brooklyn’s Industry City. davidgaynordesign.com

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Andrew Hunt is the founder and owner of ATH Studios Inc, a multi disciplinary studio involved in art fabrication, metal, woodwork, prototyping, and editions for artist, designers, and architects. Hunt is a painter, sculptor, musician, and maker of art furniture. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and was formerly the assistant and shop manager to the French sculptor Arman. athstudios.com

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Ishka Designs, led by principals Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom, is a Brooklyn-based full-service design firm developing interiors and exteriors for residential and hospitality properties. Their projects are informed by the principals’ endemic concept “efficiently beautiful,” a conscientious, mindful approach that mixes simplistic design, efficient lifestyle, and the luxury of natural materials. ishkadesigns.com

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Juniper is a fully-integrated design and manufacturing studio that creates upscale, architectural lighting for homes, offices, and hospitality spaces worldwide. By merging design and technology they realize innovative lighting solutions for unique spaces. For them, that means reducing their products to their truest and simplest form. juniper-design.com

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Ian Love of Ian Love Design specializes in one-of-a-kind, custom furniture and art, all of which is handmade to order in Brooklyn. Many days you can find him atop a pile of felled trees, chainsaw in hand searching for the perfect piece of wood. Every aspect of each piece is carefully considered and crafted, and even the imperfections have their place, adding to the character of the piece. ianlovedesign.com

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Jason Miller is a Brooklyn-based designer and the founder of Roll & Hill. Jason received an MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art and spent time in both the art and advertising worlds before realizing he preferred making things to documenting them. His designs—like a mirror whose photographic surface recalls a painted landscape—still often reflect those early preoccupations, but each is a functional object with a kind of beauty and wit. Today, Jason runs both Jason Miller Studio and the lighting brand Roll & Hill from his headquarters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. jasonmiller.us; rollandhill.com

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Billy Ray Morgan is sculptor and designer who creates labor intensive works that abstractly articulate ideas about the symbolic social signaling of design objects, and the way art and design function in our lives. Based in Brooklyn, Morgan handcrafts unique, limited production pieces and commissioned works. Billy Ray’s recent exhibitions include Out of Line, Long Gallery Harlem, and The Least Orthodox Goddess IV curated by Jasmine Wahi, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Brooklyn. primalmatternyc.com

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Matthias Pliessnig is a Brooklyn-based artist and furniture designer who specializes in functional sculptures made from steam bent wood. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) he became interested in the process, most often used for boat building. Now, he uses the technique—where long strips of wood are heated with steam until pliable then molded into the desired shape—to create his signature undulating benches. matthias-studio.com

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Philadelphia-born Stephen Talasnik’s art resides in an area between drawing and fictional engineering. Having studied at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and at the Tyler School of Art in Rome, he developed his interest in building while living, traveling, and working in Asia for a period from 1987 through 2006. He studied hand built construction with indigenous materials from farmers, fishermen, boatbuilders, and craftsmen throughout Thailand, The Philippines, Southern China, and Japan. Drawing resides at the core of all three dimensional work and he relies on instinct, improvisation, intuition and fictional function in work void of measurement. His site specific works have been exhibited at the Storm King Art Center, Architektur Galerie Berlin, and Denver Botanic Gardens, while his drawings are in the collections of the Pompedieu, the Albertina (Vienna), British Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) to name a few. stephentalasnik.com

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