Naomi Clark for Fort Makers

Fort Makers is an artist collective, inspired by the Bauhaus, that makes functional and interactive art. Naomi Clark, Noah Spencer and Nana Spears create large-scale public art installations, as well as a wide variety of fashion and home products. Each piece they make reflects the unique hand of the artist and the energy and thinking of the group. The vast array of objects they’ve made is a reflection of their overall goal: they aim to create an immersive and cohesive, artistic brand.


For WantedDesign’s 2015 show at Industry City, Fort Makers’ Naomi Clark will create a Stick Painting. She’ll paint four large compositions across four sides of eighty wooden square dowels. All of the eighty dowels will be fitted into a slotted, wooden, foundational frame that will hold the dowels upright and allow them to turn. When the dowels are lined up next to each other in the frame, a larger composition will be revealed and with each turn, the composition can be changed.