Holy Faya

Holy Faya presents a Haute Fantasy Jewelry workshop:

Make a Wish 3D print your Magic Bracelet.
Visitors will be offered to create a Crystal Holy Faya Bracelet using a Makerbot 3D printer. Each piece is unique and contains the secret wish of his creator.

Saturday, May 9th – 2pm to 4pm
Sunday, May 10th – 2pm to 4pm
+ Thursday 14th or Friday 15th
+ Saturday, May 16th – 2pm to 4pm

People are invited to write their secret wishes on a colorful Holy Faya parchment. Each Holy Faya color associated with a feeling 😉
3D Printing Live Demo with the Makerbot Replicator 2: The Bracelet comes to life! The print will last 1 hour and will be made out of Crystal filament.
The flamboyant Holy Faya parchment slides into the Bracelet.
The engraved Holy faya brass piece seals the bracelet and keeps the secret.Holy Faya unique Bracelet ready to wear!


Holy Faya believes spirited and surrealist jewels can reenchant the world. From 1001 nights to Black Indians Carnival & MIA, Holy Faya got inspired by the power of colors & melting pot. Holy Faya mixes fairy tale iconography, colorful street culture & costume films extravagance to create powerful jewelry. Mixing craftsmanship savoir-faire with 3d printing technologies, heritage & innovation, couture & future get reunited in precious ornaments.Handcrafted with love, Holy Faya jewels are magic items that reveal the flamboyance & the sacred soul to enhance your life & protect you from bad vibes.