An independently curated inspiration tour in Europe for US-based interior designers and architects

dotsandplanes’ European Inspiration Tour, from June 15th to 19th, is a 5-day long design immersion into European design with independently picked visits and with the perfect atmosphere to build lasting business connections. The trip has stops in Denmark and Switzerland and does not miss the momentum of Design Miami/Basel and Art Basel, which runs that same week. It includes a live production showcase of Arne Jacobsen’s Bellevue lamp at &Tradition’s dock-side headquarters in Copenhagen, has a visit to Renzo Piano’s Paul Klee centre in Bern will be followed by an exclusive dinner in the original Fritz Haller Pavilion of USM and joins the Vitra Summer Party.  More


Today, architects and interior designers looking for inspiration can visit shows, consult media and take part in seminars. dotsandplanes’ European Inspiration Tour wants to go further with a 5-day long design immersion with independently picked visits and with the perfect atmosphere to build lasting business connections. The upcoming trip from June 15th to 19th focuses on the Scandinavian and German speaking axis of European design with stops in Denmark and Switzerland, both competing for the title of best place to live in the world. The tour will welcome a group of 12 selected US-based interior designers and architects.